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Meter-Mix Concrete
Price List
Meter-Mix Concrete Price List
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Meter-Mix Concrete and Cement Truck


When you need meter-mix concrete, cement, or masonry supplies, Seffner Rock & Gravel is ready to help, with different types of bagged cement, concrete and masonry sand and something the "big box" stores can't offer you: two meter-mix concrete delivery trucks with drivers!

Seffner Rock & Gravel Meter-Mix Concrete Price List
Get the latest
Meter-Mix Concrete
Price List
How Much Concrete Do You Need?
When you're trying to determine how much concrete you need to make a 4" slab, remember this simple formula:
Concrete Formula
Bags of Cement
Meter-Mix Concrete
Cement and Masonry
Meter-mix concrete is available at different strengths:   For do-it-yourself cement and masonry products, Seffner Rock & Gravel offers:
  • 2500 psi
  • 3000 psi
  • 3500 psi
  • 4000 psi
  • Florida Super Masonry
  • Florida Portland 94 lb.
  • Sakrete 80 lb.
  • Sand Mix 84 lb.
  • White Portland 94 lb.
3000 psi and higher is considered "pump mix".    
Fiber is available to add strength; please request when ordering.   We also offer cement and masonry sand, screens and bases and crushed concrete.
While most suppliers require a five-yard minimum when purchasing meter-mix concrete, Seffner Rock & Gravel requires only a one-yard minimum.    
Delivery fees apply.