Which Type of Landscaping Rock Do You Need?

Granite is a great material for driveways and also groundcover. Granite is a bedding stone, which means it will settle, thus making a hard surface for you to drive on- without the hassle of sifting, rutting or relocating. While any size granite can be used for driveways, ¾-inch size is what we recommend because it will not get stuck in your tire grooves when you drive over it. Other good Driveway choices would be Limestone, Washed Shell and Crushed Asphalt.

River Rock is one of the most popular decorative landscape rocks around. With choices in either white or brown, you can easily find the perfect match to your design. River Rock compliments flowerbeds, walkways and landscapes alike. River Rock is NOT a good driveway rock because it is not a bedding stone and will not “settle”. When you drive over it, the rocks will continually shift and move creating ruts in the ground.
Better driveway choices would be Limestone, Granite, Washed Shell or Crushed Asphalt.

Red Lava Rock is a porous rock that is great for accenting flowerbeds and landscaping. Lava Rock has remained one of the most popular hardscape choices of landscapers.

Marble rock is a hard white rock with a slight crystallized texture. Marble gives a beautiful compliment to your landscape and flowerbeds.

Red Rock is a popular alternative to Red Lava Rock. Also known as "Crimson Stone", Red Rock is a hard rock (rather than a porous rock) and includes more shades and hues of red than Lava Rock. Red Rock makes a striking statement in your unique landscaping and has also been used in driveways. Once you choose Red Rock, place it in your landscaping, rinse off with a hose, and watch the colors burst!
Limestone is native Florida stone. Chalky, jagged and white, it is best used in septic systems and drain fields.

Rip-Rap is made of large pieces of Limestone. Limestone is a native Florida stone. Rip-Rap is popular and useful for erosion control and accenting your landscape with large native natural rocks. We carry two sizes in Rip-Rap (8”-12” and 12”-3’) and they are jagged natural chalky white rocks.

Washed Shell can be used for almost any landscaping need. Washed shell is natural and native to Florida and it creates a lovely natural feel and accent to your home. It is crushed Oyster shell and available in 2 sizes (Small= ½ inch and Medium=Full shells and down). Small Shell is used for driveways, landscaping and walkways. Medium shell is used for flowerbeds and general accenting.

We strongly urge you to come in and check out our rocks before your order, as sizes and colors vary with natural rock.

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